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Welcome to Nice Ash Cigars & Montecristo Lounge in Depew, NY!
After a decade as a successful wholesale distributor and e-tailer, it was apparent that we were doing things backwards. Everyone we know in the business started out as a retail store first and then, only after establishing their storefront, did they expand into the wholesale and web markets. Well, with our contacts in place and years of experience as purveyors of fine cigars, pipe tobaccos, shisha, and all of the accessories and smoking necessities our customers could want, we decided to open our doors to the public in July of 2007 in Depew, NY just outside of the city of Buffalo.

The things we saw that hurt other retail tobacconists were:

1. Lack of commitment
2. Lack of inventory
3. Short hours
4. No comfortable places to smoke - especially here in New York where you are not able to relax and enjoy fine tobacco in public places
5. No activities or events to support the store and encourage customer participation
6. A lack of customer appreciation

We set out to fix all of those problems. It has always been our goal - from day one - to be the absolute best tobacconist for all of our customers, and we appreciate all of your support! We are also very proud to offer our customers a chance to relax in one of only 19 Montecristo Lounges in the world. This is a private, fully-furnished, 900 square foot smoking lounge and, even more exciting, we're able to carry the exclusive Casa de Montecristo cigar - the premier and premium Montecristo cigar that is only available at Nice Ash Cigars and nowhere else in Buffalo. Please use the menu above to learn more about it!
We're stocked with everything a tobacco enthusiast would need...

...and our climate-controlled humidor always has the newest cigars and your old favorites!

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