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Introducing Gregorio Cigars!

Cigar Rolling and the passion of the art is always appreciated when seen in person. Gregorio specializes in on location cigar rolling to entertain and intrigue guests who appreciate the upper tier in the cigar culture or have a curiosity for the art. Gregorio offers more than just his skill in cigar rolling, but also his ability to make the cigar rolling demonstration an interactive experience. Without a language barrier, guests have the ability to ask questions and talk about the advanced craft. The fresh, first hand experience makes the cigars your guests are smoking far more enjoyable than a manufactured cigar, a truly rare accent to make your event stand out.

3 hours of cigar rolling with 100 cigars works best for event with an average amount of guests. This provides enough time to enjoy watching how cigars are created while allowing Gregorio to roll slowly enough to answer questions and interact with your guests.

Gregorio's hand rolled cigars are constructed from the finest tobacco to create two different blends. With one mild and the other medium to full, his cigars are sure to please an aficionado as well as those who are new to the pleasures of smoking a premium cigar.

Gregorio is proud to be the only cigar roller in Buffalo and Western New York. He's available for hire locally and out of town (travel expenses may apply).

Please contact Gregorio with any questions or to book an upcoming event!


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